It’s a little surprising to see an electric water heater make it to the top of the list, but that’s exactly what this EcoTemp Bathtub Water Heater does.

Its been in the works for some time and was inspired by the recent death of a former employee of the company.

The device uses LED lights to generate electricity, which can then be used to heat a bathtub, shower or other bathroom facilities.

The water heater comes in two sizes, with one being the smaller size which can be used in a bathroom or kitchen and the other being the larger, which is used in larger bathrooms.

The EcoTemp model is equipped with a water heater pump that can provide enough power for up to three hours, so it’s an easy choice for those with limited energy or wanting to conserve as much as possible.

While the EcoTemp is an environmentally friendly alternative to conventional water heaters, it’s not the only water heater on the market.

The AquaVeg Aqua Heater from the same company offers a similar feature, with a higher output, a built-in solar panel, a low maintenance footprint and even comes with an eco-certified warranty.

However, AquaVig claims the AquaVibe Aqua Heaters will last at least 30,000 hours and is also made from eco-conscious materials.

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