In this week’s episode, Recode senior editor Scott Pelton tells the story of how he met and fell in love with a woman who was just getting her first baby.

Scott was in his early 30s and living in Texas.

But he was also a dad who wanted to raise a family, and he wanted a great house for the kids to grow up in.

And when he looked into getting a house that was on par with the rest of his family’s, he found an offer he couldn’t refuse.

Recode is owned by Univision, and Pelton was the only person in the world who had seen the deal firsthand.

“I think he was a little scared, and I think he thought he was getting a really nice house for free,” Pelton says.

But what happened next changed the course of his life forever.

Pelton had always wanted a home that was a mix of modern design with the feel of a traditional home.

But it wasn’t until he and his wife started looking around that they saw a lot of homes in their neighborhood that weren’t modern, but didn’t have the modern features of modern homes.

The Peltons found that many of the homes in this category were actually older homes that had been converted into rentals.

“So we were like, ‘Hey, I want to buy this house for this much money,'” Pelton remembers.

“When I got in, I got really excited.

I wanted to be able to go to the movies and stuff and have a really great house.

But the thing that I really struggled with is that it was a lot more than a home.

I mean, I was living at home, but I had a house with my wife and kids, and we were really looking forward to having a really wonderful life.

And then I realized, ‘Oh my God, I don’t have kids.

This is going to be a total nightmare.'”

After the Pelton family moved to a house in a different part of town, they started looking for a place that would have the same amount of space as the house they were living in.

“We found a house just down the street from ours,” he says.

“And it was the exact same size, and it was just completely perfect.

And we loved it.”

The house that the Pelons were living on now was built for the average family of four, with two adults and two kids.

It was also the size of the average house in their area.

“It had a pool, it had an oceanfront, and all of those things,” Pelley says.

So when the Pelones moved in, they had the exact opposite of the home they wanted.

But Pelton wasn’t satisfied.

The new house was so small, he decided to take out a mortgage to get the space he wanted.

“He just started asking for things like an extra bedroom, a new kitchen, new bathrooms, new landscaping, and everything,” Pelson says.

When he finally found out the price for the house, Pelton realized it was more than he was expecting.

It was the first time that Pelton had ever paid more than the mortgage, and when he learned the full cost of the remodel, it was almost impossible to swallow.

“The house, the kitchen, and the pool, the pool was over $400,000,” Pelter says.

So when Pelton and his family moved in next door to the Pelzes, they weren’t expecting a very high price tag.

But in the end, the house was just too expensive.

By the time Pelton finally gave up on the house after six months, he had already spent over $1 million.

And when he found out how much his house was costing him, it didn’t seem to add up.

“If I’d just sold it and bought a house and paid that much, I would have a nice house,” Pelston says.

And that’s when Pelley decided to look into buying a home in an area that wasn’t as expensive.

“When I started looking, I found that I was looking at a really small area,” Pellet says.

He was just going to do whatever it took to get this one house.

“Then I realized there’s a lot that I could do to get a really big house.”

Pelt started looking at different types of houses and realized he could get a house of the same size and quality in a lot less money than the typical house that he was looking for.

“That’s when I started thinking about other places, other parts of the country,” he said.

“Because that’s where people are going to live and that’s what people are willing to pay.”

It wasn’t long before he was starting to find properties that had similar qualities to his old house.

After he bought a home near his parents’ home in