US water-heating company Ecosmart Water says it has suffered “an extreme” water leak and is “in crisis” because of the algae it is using to clean its water system.

In a letter sent to customers, EcosMart says it is “working to ensure our systems are protected” and that the company has begun a “complete shutdown” to remove the algae from the system.

“We are working to prevent further water contamination of our system, and are in crisis,” EcosMarts Chief Executive Officer Steve Goss says.

“EcosMart Water is in crisis.”

In an e-mail to customers Ecosmarts CEO Steve Guss wrote: “We are in complete crisis.

The system has experienced an extreme water leak that has now completely destroyed our system.

We are working with our supplier to identify the source of the leak, and will make a complete shutdown of the system in the next 24 hours to prevent the damage from occurring again.”

The letter adds that the water is “completely clean” and the company is working with “a supplier that will be able to provide the necessary services to address the water leak.”

“We will be in touch with our customers to let them know what is happening,” Goss said.

“We have been working with a supplier to address this water leak in our system.”

A spokesman for the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) said it was aware of the issue and the agency was working with the company to investigate.”EPA is aware of an EPA-reported leak of water in Ecosmos water system, which could pose a safety risk to drinking water,” the spokesman, Jason Tapp, said.

“As a precaution, EPA is working to determine what caused this leak and whether or not there are any actions EPA could take.”

A water company spokesman said the company was “in the process of conducting a complete shut down” and said it would not resume normal operations.EPA spokesperson Jennifer Mascarenhas told Al Jazeera that it was possible that a number of systems in the US might be impacted.

“The EPA is aware that Ecos Mart is experiencing a water leak, which is the EPA’s largest incident and may require the EPA to respond to this,” Mascarentis said.

In February, the EPA announced it would review water pollution in some areas.

“This is a serious situation and it is an extreme event that is impacting the lives of tens of thousands of people in the United States and in other countries,” she said.