source TechRadar title MythBusters, the award-winning Mythbusters podcast, are right.

The water heater settings are dangerous article source Business Insider article title Mythbuster is right that water heaters can be dangerous.

What we don’t know about water heatERS article source Huffington Post article title How to tell if your water heater is overheating, and how to fix it article source The Verge article title 10 common myths about water heater safety article source Ars Technica article title You’ll never know whether your water heater is overheated until you try it, says Mythbusters co-creator and host Michael Lombardo article source Mashable article title The Mythbusters water heatER is just as dangerous as its name suggests.

Here are the facts and what you need to know.

article Source TechRadars article title Why MythBuster is right: The myth of the water heater setting being dangerous.

article source CNN article title If you think water heat is a hot thing, check out this Mythbusters experiment article source USA Today article title Are water heat heaters dangerous?

Mythbusters proves it article Source Business Insider articles title Mythbusters is right about water heating, and it’s just as harmful as its title implies article source HuffPo article title This is why Mythbusters was right to say that water heater presets were dangerous.

And it turns out there’s more to the story. article