In a move that will give the US an outsized influence in global water heating, the Obama administration has announced it will sell all of its water heators and boilers to a Chinese company, which will then produce the heat for domestic use.

The sale, which was announced last month, comes after President Donald Trump ordered the Department of Defense to stop selling the US military’s military-grade water heatres, a move he said was necessary to stop Chinese imports of military equipment.

“It’s really not an insignificant transaction.

It’s really significant,” said Andrew Toth, vice president of technology at the American Energy Alliance, a trade group representing American companies in water heat.

“We think the deal will give China a significant piece of the water heat market in the US.”

The US will now have the most advanced water heat technology in the world, which makes it the world’s largest buyer of water heating equipment.

The US and China are currently at odds over water security and water-related issues, including water shortages in parts of the US.

Trump has also threatened to impose tariffs on China over its trade practices, while Beijing has responded by announcing it will buy American goods.

US water heating has been growing rapidly in recent years as demand from cities such as San Francisco, New York, and Los Angeles has risen.

The number of American households that can afford to buy their own water heat is rising, but the total amount of water that can be heated has been declining.

In the first six months of 2018, the average US household had a water heater, according to the Energy Information Administration, which tracks energy consumption.

Water heaters are used for heating the homes of the elderly and disabled, in hot weather, and for water purification.

Water heating is particularly important in cities, where a large percentage of water used in cities comes from aquifers that sit beneath ground.

In a report last year, the American Water Works Association said that the number of Americans using water heat at home had reached nearly 8 million people.

The new sale will not only give China more control over water heating technology in America, but also give the Chinese a way to sell the heat they produce for domestic consumption.

The Department of Commerce said that by selling the water-intensive heaters, China would “gain the ability to market their products at a much higher volume than domestically produced water heat,” which is a significant advantage for Beijing, which is currently facing a severe water shortage in its northern regions.

The move comes after the Trump administration in May blocked the sale of American military-type water heatans to a subsidiary of a Chinese state-owned firm, which the US had approved to sell its entire military-quality water heater fleet.

The Trump administration said the deal, which it called a “legitimate and legitimate” trade deal, would not impact the US’ ability to protect its national security.

“China is a major customer of our water heat technologies,” Trump said at the time.

“So if the Trump Administration doesn’t like this deal, it’s going to have to come up with a new one.”

A White House statement said that because the deal was a “pro-growth” trade partnership, it would allow the US to “continue to pursue other important trade and economic relationships” with China.

“This deal is a tremendous step forward for US-China relations and demonstrates that the US is ready to play a more active role in promoting sustainable development and peace,” the statement said.