Water pressure was high on a Wednesday night in October 2016.

But I was not worried.

The local resident of Chhapra, in Maharashtra’s Odisha state, had told me that he would bring a water pressure meter and bring me to it on Thursday morning.

The next morning, I woke up to the sounds of a local girl screaming in pain.

My heart sank.

I asked her, “Is it you?”

The girl told me, “Yes, it’s me.

I just lost my son, so I lost my home too.”

I cried for about two hours.

The next morning the water pressure dropped to around 30,000 bar.

My parents’ house was only a couple of kilometres away.

The family moved to a new house.

As we moved out of the house and went to walk to our new house, I couldn’t believe my eyes.

I couldn´t even see the street.

The water pressure had dropped to 30,800 bar, which was a very low pressure.

I went outside, where my mother was sitting on the front lawn, and she asked me to take her to her doctor.

I was shocked.

She had lost a son to drowning and she was crying.

I took her to the doctor and he said, “It is very rare.

It is a miracle.

It happens all the time.”

I couldn´ t believe what he said.

It was very important to me.

But it was also very difficult to tell my parents.

I felt like I was lying to them.

I cried for more than two hours and then my mother said, “(My son is) dead.

He was drowned at sea by the river.

We have been living with this pain ever since.”

She couldn´T imagine what her son would have been like if he had drowned in a river.

The family kept calling the doctor.

After a while, the doctor said, my son was not breathing.

He had been trapped in the water for about three hours.

He came out and cried for almost an hour.

Then he started breathing.

I could not believe what my mother had said.

He said that he was dead.

I knew that it was a miracle, but I couldnt believe what she had just said.

I wanted to tell her, but when I did, I could not get through to her.

The doctors were very worried about me and they were very confused about what was going on.

The doctors started to give me injections and said,”What do you want to do?

Is this going to save your son?”

I told them, “My son has died.

He is alive.”

They gave me the injections.

My son is now breathing.

But he still has not recovered.

I told my parents that I wanted them to tell their doctor, but they were not listening.

I started to cry.

The doctor finally gave me an injection, and I felt relief.

The water pressure fell to 30 to 40,000, but it is still very low.

I am now back to normal.

I was so scared.

I would have liked to go back to my house, but the doctor told me it was better to stay in Chhaprapati village, because it was safer.

But then my parents said, if I was in the village, they would take me to the hospital.

I had been crying for more time than I thought I would ever cry.

It was very difficult for me to get through that.

My mother was very upset.

I tried to tell them that my son had drowned.

But they said they would have to take me back to the village.

I cried again.

Then I went back to sleep.

I woke my mother the next morning.

She said, “”How could you take me here, you were not at my house when my son drowned?”

She cried for three days.

I said, I want to tell you about my son.

My father, who is a farmer, came home and told me his son had been killed in a forest fire.

My father then went to my village and told everyone.

I found him dead in a village, where he had been sleeping.

My brother also went to the same place.

My sister also went.

They all came to my home and asked my parents to give them the body.

My family came back to Chhapras.

They asked the doctor what was wrong.

She told them that I had died in the forest fire and that my brother had drowned there.

I then went back home and sat on my bed.

I didn´t sleep much.

I saw my family all over the place.

They came to the place where my son died.

They told me about the fire.

They said,My son, who was just 10 years old, had just finished his school exams.

I got him a water bottle.

The last time he drank water, he went and ate the