A new water heating unit in Perth’s CBD has sparked outrage after it was found to be “insinkerating” water, the latest in a string of issues at the city’s main water supply facility.

The unit is being tested in the City of Perth’s water supply system, which is not supposed to be insinkated, and is expected to be fully operational within the next week.

The city’s water regulator, the Department of Primary Industries, confirmed that the water heater is “insinkated”.

“The Insinkerator Water Cooler has been inspected by the Department for Primary Industries (DPI) and is compliant with the National Electrical Code,” the city said in a statement.

The water heater’s installation is a major headache for Perth’s thirsty residents.”

It will remain operational until further testing and is fully operational.”

The water heater’s installation is a major headache for Perth’s thirsty residents.

The City of South Perth has long been plagued by water problems and in April, a series of problems forced it to close all public water service areas.

The situation worsened last week when water pipes burst and blocked streets.

Water was diverted to a nearby hospital and city workers have since been working to repair the problem.

In May, residents of the city began complaining about the smell of the water in their toilets, but the situation only became worse after residents discovered a second water heater was installed at the same location.

The installation is currently being tested by DPI.

“The City has now informed DPI that the Insinkerators Water Coolers water heater has been insinkerated and is not compliant with any of the national standards,” the statement said.

“It is understood the Insinkators Water coolers water heaters have been inspected and are compliant with all National Electrical Codes.”‘

The City wants to make sure its water is clean’The Department of Water and Wastewater (DWW) has been notified of the problem and is working with the DPI to investigate.

A DPI spokesperson said the water boiler and water heater are “under a strict and rigorous regulatory process”.

“While it is not in compliance with the water supply regulations the DWP will be ensuring it complies with the regulations,” the spokesperson said.

“If there is any further action the City will be contacted and a thorough investigation will be undertaken.”

In May the Department issued a warning to residents that water was “extremely low” in some areas and warned that “water is running low in many areas of the City”.

The Department also said that there was a “significant risk of a breach of the current water supply standards”.

“It has been determined that the installation of the Insinks Water Cooling Unit at the City Hall and City Council office was in breach of National Electrical Standards,” the department said in the statement.

“As such the City Council and City Hall will be taking the necessary steps to ensure the Insokers water water coolers are not insinked.”