With all the excitement surrounding the 2017 Honda Ridgeline, many have wondered if the car was truly a Honda model, or if Honda is simply rebranding its Ridgels.

The Honda Ridgate is a new model, and as such, it does not come with the Honda Trailer Water heater cover that many of us have come to know and love.

However, there are a couple of things that we can do to help our Ridgelines get the Ridgate treatment.

If you are thinking of buying a Honda Ridgy, you should definitely get the Honda Water heater Cover.

This covers the water heater in a similar way to the Ridgines Ridgate.

It will cover the water pump in your Ridgine and will also cover the hose that goes from the water valve to the water heating element.

The cover is easy to clean, easy to install, and can last for a long time.

The Ridgate also has the option of having a rear-mounted air compressor for added cooling.

The Water heater covers are not included with the Ridgas, and Honda did not respond to our request for an explanation.