Wells Fargo is introducing a new water-saving product it says will make it more efficient.

The Wells Fargo Water-Saver Kit is designed to help customers save money while also improving the performance of their water heating and cooling systems.

The water-saver kit includes a new “Water-Shelter” water heater and water-cooling unit that will cost about $30 less than existing models.

The company is making the change to reduce costs by $30 per year in the first year, and $25 per year over three years.

Wells Fargo says the Water-shelter water heater will also provide customers with a new ability to monitor and control water usage.

The new units will be available in November and December, Wells Fargo said.

The new water heating system includes an automated valve and pump, as well as a sensor to detect leaks.

Wells said the new thermostat will save customers about $10 per year, which is about 15% of their monthly bill.

The brand-new thermostats will be more energy-efficient than current models, said Ken J. Pomeranz, senior vice president of product management for Wells Fargo.

It will allow customers to save money on their water bills by reducing their water usage by 30%, he said.

Wells will start selling the new model in the spring of 2019.

The Water-Cushion and Water-Heater Starter Pack will also be available.

Wells says the water-cushion will be a water-efficient alternative to traditional thermostatic air conditioners and will allow you to set up more than one water-heating unit.

It comes in two sizes and can be easily attached to your stove or other heat source.

The Water-Cooling Starter Pack costs about $15 less than the existing model.

The water-injection system will be compatible with the new system.

Wells announced in November that it would offer its customers a choice of water-intake and cooling units for the new Water-Injection System.

Customers can select from either an Automatic Water-Drain System, a Water-Gator, a Ventilator, or an Instant Water-Outlet.

The “Water Heater Starter Kit” will allow Wells Fargo customers to choose between three models of the new “water heater” and two models of existing water-temperature-control units.

The “Water Heaters” are water-free models with a temperature range from about 100 to 300 degrees Fahrenheit.

The thermostating unit will allow water-breathing fans to automatically adjust their speed, according to Wells Fargo’s press release.

The units will also automatically turn on or off during hot weather.

The two new water thermostates will cost $15 more than existing model and will offer water-filtration, according.

The standard model will be the cheapest option for customers with an existing water heater.

Customers with existing models will be able to upgrade to a new thertopat at no additional cost.

The $30 water heater kit will be for use in homes that are located in the U.S. and Canada.

Customers in the rest of the world can choose to order a “Water Cooling Starter Kit.”

Wells Fargo recommends customers order both products.

The company will begin selling the water heaters and the water cooling units later this year.