A water heater that costs £7,000 to install has been installed in a UK primary school.

The water heater cabinet has been made by a manufacturer in Germany, according to the BBC News website.

The cabinet was purchased from a manufacturer called Hovis.

It was delivered to the Royal Free school in North Yorkshire, and is expected to be installed by the end of the month.

Water heaters are an essential part of a school’s school life.

They are used to cool and heat pupils, and are a great way to cool down a classroom when temperatures drop.

Water heater cabinets are manufactured by a company called HOVIS and sold by the company.

The BBC reports that the water heater was made by the German company.

Water temperature sensors in the water heaters were used to measure the water temperature of the water in the school.

As a result, it was found that the cabinet was a good fit for the school’s water temperature sensor.

The installation was carried out by a contractor called Dyson.

“We are pleased to have achieved the installation of our first water heater in a school in our district,” said Superintendent Mark Rutter.

“Water heaters have been an integral part of the school day since the school was established in 1956, and they have always been a vital part of keeping the children warm.”

A water heater cabinet can be used in schools and classrooms, as well as homes, hotels and factories.

Schools can also use the water heating systems to cool rooms to prevent them from freezing.

“With the advent of mobile water heat and air conditioning systems, we are seeing the use of water heat for both classroom and school use,” said a spokesman for the Association of School and College Leaders (ASCL).

“This is a great achievement for the water boiler as it allows us to provide a safe and convenient solution to students and staff who have water and are not able to use a conventional air-conditioning system.”

He said the school could not wait for the new water heater to be fully installed.

“The water heater is the latest innovation in water heat technology, and it has already proven a valuable asset for our students and families,” said the spokesman.

“It provides a high level of water efficiency and will help us to reduce the cost of maintaining the system.”

The BBC also reported that a school has been using the water-heating system to cool classrooms since it was installed in 2013.

“A group of students were forced to return to their home because the school had to stop using the air conditioning system after the school went under due to the lack of heat in the building,” said school board chairman David Anderson.

“Our students are used and we have to keep them warm, but we are working with the manufacturer to make sure we are getting the best value for money.”

The water heat system was installed after the heaters supply had been cut off, due to a lack of electricity.

Water-heater systems are often used in homes, schools and factories, as part of energy efficiency schemes.