The water heater in Bradford, North Yorkshire, has been whistling since it was bought in 2005.

The sound is caused by a faulty wiring system that has caused it to malfunction.

“I’ve got it running and it’s going a little bit mad, but I’ve got to keep it going for the water, so I’m happy,” resident Sarah O’Leary told the BBC.

The noise is also caused by the faulty wiring.

The water system at the Bradford water heating centre in Bradford, North Yorks.

The centre’s water heater was installed in 2005 and it has been running continuously since.

The boiler is the biggest piece of equipment in the unit, which is about 1,500 square metres.

It is powered by a gas generator and runs on a gas line to a generator at the centre.

The generator powers the water heater.

Sarah O ‘Leary says she has noticed the water heating system has been going “crazy” in recent years.

“It’s always going to be a bit hot.

It’s always gonna be a little off, so that’s what makes it so frustrating,” she said.

The first time I heard it I just knew it was coming from the boiler.””

When it does start to go wrong it’s just like a piece of metal falling out of the ceiling, but when it starts to go right it’s amazing.”

The first time I heard it I just knew it was coming from the boiler.

“I’ve seen the boiler going crazy and it makes me happy to see it going.

It keeps it going, and I love it.”

A new home for the bloke in Bradfords water heater Sarah OLeary says it is great to see people enjoying the water.

“The water is great and the heating is good and the water is a good comfort,” she added.

The North Yorkshire water heating project has been a success and the cost of the project has gone up from £8,000 to £11,000.

The Yorkshire Water Authority is looking to raise £50,000 for repairs and upgrades to the water boiler.

“We have been using the existing boiler for a number of years and it does have a bit of rust, but it’s a very reliable unit and the boiler is running fine,” Yorkshire Water Board (YWBA) chairman Peter Hall told the North Yorkshire Evening Post.

“If we can get some extra money to cover the cost then we’re happy to take on the additional costs.”

YWBA has also asked the Government to fund a £1m maintenance contract to the boiler for another five years.

It also hopes to get a loan for a replacement.